Be Kind at Christmas

Be Kind at Christmas

Although Christmas is a fun and exciting time, it can also be a little stressful in the build up, if you are working. So it's important to be kind at Christmas.

T‘was 9 days before Christmas and if you looked in the office,

You would find us all working, Karen, Sophie, and Fliss.

We were resourcing CVs, checking each site,

Calling all applicants, recruiting for Brite.


There were clients and candidates lined up to call,

And CVs to read, we would read them all.

Abi was posting on LinkedIn each day,

Advertising on all sites, in all different ways.


Karen worked with clients to bring in the new year,

Responding to emails with festive cheer.

Sophie was busy with all her new roles,

Whilst she helped us all meet our monthly goals.


Fliss jumped on teams calls and we discussed the week,

Meg popped in for Christmas meet and greets.

All our hard work was paying off, no doubt,

And now we can rest, and remember what Christmas, is all about.

Christmas is a fun time of year for many of us. But although the build up can be exciting, it can also be a time where many of us must buckle down and work that little bit harder to get good results and finish the year on a high. And so sometimes, the festive season can feel somewhat overshadowed by the stresses of work. But that doesn’t mean we love it any less.

For us, as recruiters, we know that our line of work becomes quieter as we approach the Christmas season. Many people stop looking for jobs and companies stop interviewing due to staff on annual leave.

For hospitality, Christmas means long hours, going above and beyond to cover holidays and trying your best to please the large influx of customers. It means having to force a smile, put up the decorations and adopt the festive spirit by mid-November.  And as the month goes on, the stress builds, as the more Christmas parties and get togethers get busier and busier.

 Swingers - The Crazy Golf Club's, Head of Sales, Rosie Marsh, explained it perfectly, “Christmas is here in #hospitality - it’s going to get tough. It’s going to get messy. It’s going to be full of last minute bookers, first out the door-ers and ‘can I change my booking from 40 to 10?’-ers (FYI:no, no you can’t).” And urged her LinkedIn audience to be kind to those that are working hard across this season.

And Christmas for the retail industry is just as difficult. Channel 4’s documentary ‘Waitrose at Christmas’, explains the extensive process that takes place every year, to get products, marketing and stores looking great for Christmas. Preparation starts months before December.

Each decision is meticulous, down to the very last detail. And then, after months of finalising details, then they must deal with the many customers that their successful marketing brings into the stores.


Many sectors are working relentlessly to bring you the best products and services over the holidays. So, this is just a little reminder to be kind to those that may be overworked and tired. A reminder that although Christmas brings around much joy, it can also be a struggle for many. So, let’s help those we can, and spread some festive cheer. Be kind at Christmas.

If you are looking for a new role, then register with us, so we can diffuse that stress for you this Christmas.