Benefits of Temporary Employment (Temping)

Benefits of Temporary Employment (Temping)
Your CV is great, your interview manner is perfect, but you still can’t seem to get a job…

Have you considered temporary employment?

We’re finding a lot of companies are hiring for ‘temp roles’.

They may be doing this as they’re remaining cautious and keeping their overheads low. But, companies also have urgent and unexpected staffing requirements. They might hire a temp to establish whether the individual could be a good, permanent addition to a team.

Whatever the reason, there are lots of temporary jobs available that may be worth considering.

If you’re struggling to find a permanent job, or don’t want to tie yourself down just yet, temping could be the answer. Being a temp means you work for the employer on a short-term basis. It may be in your contract specifically how long, or it may be an on-going temp basis. But, typically, these roles can last a couple of weeks to a couple of months.


Benefits of Temporary Work


Getting a regular income is usually a top priority. Even if it’s only for a few months, a temporary salary is better than no salary at all. Having short-term employment will take the pressure off you to find a new job asap.

Most temporary positions offer an excellent rate of pay and the wage is paid on a weekly basis! You will have a timesheet that you fill in with your hours worked. From these hours, you will gain holiday pay which can be paid whenever you need.


A lot of people find that having a temporary job gives them a better work-life balance. Don’t tie yourself down to a full-time, permanent position. Choose when you want to work and enjoy the freedom that a temporary position gives. Also, most temporary positions are paid hourly, so any extra hours you work means extra money in the bank.


What have you been doing since you left your last job?

A temporary position can help you to close gaps on your CV if you are unemployed. Employers are wary of hiring those who have had long periods of unemployment. Adding a temporary role to your CV could make you more employable – even if it’s not related to your chosen field.

Looking for a temporary position is usually quicker than finding permanent employment too. There is often urgency when hiring for a temporary position as the employers need to fill it quickly. A lot of these jobs will state they want someone who can start immediately. So, there will be no waiting time from finishing your last role to starting your new job.


By spending time in a temporary position, you’ll gain many more skills. This will make you more employable in the future!

When you are unemployed, it’s difficult to keep your expertise up-to-date. Temping lets you stay in the world of work and communicate with others to share knowledge. Enrich your CV with these new skills, knowledge, and insight. You can learn about the different systems such as technologies, applications, or programmes.


If you want to go in a new direction and change your career, then consider a temporary position.

Look for temporary employment in an industry that you want to progress into. Maybe you want to experience a shorter commute or test the ability to work from home, a temporary position is perfect for this. It allows you to test out employment in a variety of different circumstances to see if you even want to work in a similar setting.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

A temporary role gives you a perfect opportunity to expand and strengthen your network. These contacts could come in handy for your future roles. It’s not just about employment opportunities. You will meet likeminded people who you could become friends with outside of work!


This ‘try before you buy’ situation is prominent in temporary employment.

Businesses use temporary positions to vet potential workers. So, although you may be applying for a temporary position, it could lead to a permanent role. The short-term benefits could lead to long term prospects of a permanent offer. Never turn down a temporary position because you want a permanent contract – you never know where it may lead!

Get your foot in the door to a specific company or industry you are interested in. Prove you are valuable to the business. It also gives you the opportunity to see whether you fit with the corporate culture or get along with your co-workers.


Not having the guarantee of a permanent role may seem stressful. But you are still entitled to benefits that a full-time position offers. You should receive sick pay, holiday allowance, and regular pay. You may not receive the other benefits that a full-time job comes with (e.g. health insurance) but you will never be out of pocket.


Why Temporary Employment?

Have you recently left education or graduated? Or are you unemployed? Whatever your circumstances, temporary work is an excellent way to gain experience. You can learn new skills in a different company or industry. The further knowledge will be great to add to your CV and the short-term job is perfect to fill in employment gaps.
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