What are the best job boards?

Best Job Boards
Which are the best job boards to use when looking for a new role?

Where do you search for jobs?

In this modern era, no one turns to the local newspaper to find their next career move. No one heads to the library to find flyers advertising open vacancies. When someone wants to find a new job nowadays, they turn to the Internet.

But the vast amount of results online can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start your job search. It’s frustrating searching through the hundreds and thousands of jobs advertised online. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the best job boards.

Best Job Boards

Look in the Right Place

There are thousands of job sites on the web advertising millions of jobs worldwide. It’s easy to find a job, but it’s difficult to find the right job for you. You need to begin your job search on the best job boards.

Every job board is unique with different features and search options. . You want to use a job board that is best for you. Maybe you want to use a specialist job board that advertises roles in a specific industry. Or maybe you want a non-specialist job board that you can filter out unwanted results.

Everyone wants a job board that is quick and easy to use.

Useful Information

Although many jobs get posted across multiple job boards, they may not advertise it on the site you’re using. If you can, try not to limit yourself to using only one job board. Create profiles on at least 2 job boards in order to extend your reach.

But be aware that, because some jobs get advertised onto many sites, so you may find duplicate content.

All these job boards we've listed below are non-specialised so are suitable for everyone, no matter what. The list only includes the best job boards to use in the UK. When looking for jobs in other countries, there may be better job boards for you to search on.


Indeed is one of the most well-known job board (even though it’s technically a job search engine). The straightforward design may look old school, but its vast amount of jobs makes up for the lack of design. 10 jobs are added to the site every second!

It’s not known for high-quality jobs, but it does display a large number of vacancies. Unlike job boards, Indeed is a job search engine. It aggregates posts from other job boards, agency sites and company career pages. So there may be duplicate job adverts.

Why Indeed is one of the Best Job Boards
  • It’s a great job board to find all jobs in one place
  • You can easily search through and filter the jobs
  • It has a mobile app allowing you to search for jobs on the go
  • They offer the ability to set up job alerts, so you are notified about new jobs which are like your search
  • Users can gain insight into a company through reviews completed by previous employees
  • There is a CV builder tool you can use for free


Reed was the UK’s first-ever job site. It’s been helping job seekers since 1960! The job board has been around for a while, so they have experience of what job seekers want. The platform looks much more succinct than Indeed.

It’s non-specialist so can all professionals from all sectors and industries can use it. When searching for a job, you can filter the location, salary, sector and organisation. You can also specify keywords and specialisms. Jobs are directed to registered users with specific skills that the job requires.

Why Reed is One of the Best Job Boards
  • The clear design and simple search functions make it easy to find jobs
  • The mobile app lets you easily discard jobs you do not wish to apply for
  • Candidates can set up email alerts for similar jobs
  • Reed offers courses and training to help candidates improve their skillset and employability


There are around 100,000 live jobs on the website at any one time. It operates in many countries and has 57 partner sites. The job board partnered with Jobsite back in 2018. Any jobs advertised on this platform are published across numerous websites.

Totaljobs can help you to find any type of job, in any industry, wherever you are. But it’s not just a job board. The website can help you build your CV, write a cover letter and prepare for interviews. Their technology analyses your profile and matches you to relevant roles.

Why Totaljobs is One of the Best Job Boards
  • It provides users with helpful career advice through articles, interviews and courses
  • They send you recommendations and instant job alerts
  • They have a special feature called ‘One Click Apply’ which allows you to apply for jobs with one click


According to an independent survey, CV-Library users receive more job offers than any other UK website. Its one of the easiest job boards to use. That’s probably why so many people register on their site. It’s the third-largest job board in the UK!

You’re bound to have seen their advertisements on the side of a bus, or in a magazine, or billboard at some point. Their blue bird (Barney) is hard to miss.

Why CV-Library is One of the Best Job Boards
  • Job seekers can upload their CV and highlight their skills and sectors they’re interested in
  • Registered users can apply for jobs with one click
  • Job alerts are created based on these skills and sectors, so you don’t miss out on most suitable jobs
  • They have an ‘Employer of the Month’


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that advertises jobs. It’s a leader in e-recruitment. Businesses can post their job vacancies on LinkedIn, and users can then search and apply. It’s just like on a normal job board.

It’s mainly used to connect to like-minded professionals, but you can also use it to advance your career. If there’s a company you’d enjoy working for, give them a follow. Identify any contacts that you may benefit from connecting with.

Remember, your profile is your CV. Ensure it’s up to date with the correct information to attract employers and recruiters. Learn how to Create a LinkedIn Profile.

Why LinkedIn is One of the Best Job Boards
  • Your connections could be your way into a new company
  • The algorithms suggest jobs that they think you may like.
  • Many people on LinkedIn are not looking for a new role but get approached about a position that may be of interest. Even if you are happy in your job, a new role may come along that could be perfect for you
  • It’s a handy mobile app for job searching on the go


Facebook is a social media site for networking with your friends and relatives. But did you know that Facebook has its own job board? A Company Page can post a job on Facebook. Job seekers can search through these vacancies, exactly like on a job board.

Facebook is non-specialised and attracts candidates from all industry sectors and job types. Even if you’re not looking for a job, with paid ad campaigns a job may appear on your timeline.

Why Facebook is One of the Best Job Boards
  • Jobs can be easily found on a Company Page
  • There are 65 million businesses are currently using Facebook pages
  • Your job application is automatically filled with the content you’ve added to your Facebook profile
  • You can narrow down results by location, industry and job type
  • You can also subscribe to get notified about new job openings

Google for Jobs

Just like you search for answers on Google Search (or photos on Google Images) the search engine also offers Google Jobs. Google compiles listings across the web and pulls them into their platform.

Users search for a job and can narrow their results by location, salary, company, date posted, type of job and more! If you wish to apply for a job, click the button to go directly to the source of the job listing. For example, a button might read, “Apply on LinkedIn.”

Why Google is One of the Best Job Boards
  • The aggregated listings make the job search easier as it’s all in one place
  • You don’t have to visit multiple job boards to make sure you haven’t missed a role
  • The job descriptions are displayed next to the listings, so you don’t have to visit different pages
  • Company logos, reviews and ratings are included within the listing
  • Unlike Indeed, it aims to eliminate duplicate listings
Best Job Boards

Brite Recruitment

Although we’re not a job board like Indeed or Reed, we still advertise jobs on our own Job Board. We’re a generalist agency meaning we recruit for all types of roles across a variety of industries. Although located in Cheltenham, we recruit all over the UK and Europe.

You can even register (just like you do on other job sites) so we receive your CV. It’s frustrating having to trawl through all the jobs online. So, by registering with us, we can notify you of any jobs that may be suitable for you.

Best Job Boards

Special Mention

Glos Careers

If you’re in the Gloucestershire area or are looking to relocate, Glos Careers could be a good option for you. The job board is quite new but there is a large number of vacancies advertised in the local area. To find a job, search by job titles, locations or companies and you will be presented with a list of vacancies.

Best Job Boards
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