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Christmas for Retail Workers

Christmas for Retail Workers

Should retail workers have to work on Boxing Day?

This question is coming up more amongst employers since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic; where many have realised that those who work in retail and hospitality have been taken for granted. Where would be now without the dedication of key workers since the pandemic began?
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Furloughed or Working from Home

Many people were Furloughed or Working from Home during lockdowns in the UK, but there were also those who had no choice but to go into work, such as staff in ‘essential’ industries, with no compensation for working in a potentially dangerous environment.

COVID cases are on the rise

So now it’s Christmas, COVID cases are on the rise and shops are still open and busier than ever. After almost 2 years of anxiety about job security and health in general, these staff need to be given some well-deserved time off to spend time with family and friends around Christmas

A day off on Boxing Day

Some businesses have already started to offer their employees a day off on Boxing Day. Aldi has been shutting their stores on Boxing Day for the past 30 years, and other supermarkets are starting to follow their lead; 170,000 Sainsbury’s staff will be enjoying a rest day on Boxing Day for the first time this year.

The Christmas period

As more and more companies begin to close their stores for the Christmas period, retail and hospitality workers can finally celebrate rather than dread this time of year. Remember to be polite and friendly to all of those who are still working over the Christmas period, we all need some positivity at this time of year!