Do Exam Results Really Matter?

Do Exam Results Really Matter?
Yes. To put it in simple terms, your exam results do matter.

GCSE & A Levels Results

Have you gotten your GCSE or A Level grades this August? Did you stress over your exam results? Are you worried about what you can do with your future?

Although you may be disappointed with your exam results, you don’t need to panic about your future just yet. As you probably know, there have been many celebrities who received low grades but have gone on to achieve so much. The common examples include Richard Branson and Bill Gates. These people did not do exceptionally well during their school years but are now at the top of the world’s rich lists.

Do Exam Results Really Matter
Do Exam Results Really Matter

Exam Success

Not everyone is going to be as successful as these two examples, but it does help to prove a point. You may not have the best exam results, but this does not stop you from achieving a great career. You don’t need a good grade to be successful. Your career success comes from your passion, commitment and ambition to achieve. You should treat every day as a job interview. There are always choices and chances around you.

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Why are exam results important?

Some subjects are more important than others. A lot of job descriptions state that they would like a candidate who has a GCSE in Maths and English. But other than these two subjects, employers don’t particularly care about how well your D.T project went.

Obviously, in some instances your grade will mean a lot. It is that single letter that universities use to decide upon your future.

University Clearing

You need to make sure you are aware of the opportunities that lie ahead. Maybe you didn’t quite achieve the grade you needed to attend your chosen university. But many universities offer a clearing procedure where you can reapply. It’s all about choosing the path for you.

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Employer Statistics

A poll back in 2014 by the Independent revealed that one in three employers admit “they never bother to check candidates’ degree qualifications” The same poll also revealed that one in three interview candidates admit to falsifying information on their CVs.

Employers shouldn’t judge a candidate based solely on some exams. Employers understand that candidates have a lot more to offer than that.

It is important to remember that exam results are not an accurate reflection of ability, diligence or anything else they’re assumed to measure. Your life and career successes do not hinge on test results you received in your childhood.

Do Exam Results Really Matter

Your Exam Results

The reality is, GCSEs and A Levels can be important, but also matter very little. When your time in education comes to an end, you then go into life, NOT into an exam hall.

Also, once you have a degree it is unlikely that your school record will ever be looked at. If you’re progressing onto further education there’s no need to fret about a D you got in P.E. If you are someone who decides that university is not the right path for them, then experience will always be more valuable than a grade.

Once you get a job and are happy in your role, you may be offered progression routes. If your company has faith in you, they would most likely be willing to fund you doing a degree with a contract that suits you both.

So, if you are a student who has just got their exam results and they are not as good as you hoped, don’t let it get to you.

Grades don’t define us as people.

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