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Why work with a recruitment agency to find your next hire?

Recruitment agencies understand how important it is to find the best employees. After all, they are the key to the success of your business. You need to find someone who can do the job, while also fitting in well with your team. Effective recruitment isn’t just about finding the person with the right skillset. It’s also about finding someone who is well suited to work within your team and company culture.

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Selecting the right recruitment agency to fill your vacancy can be a difficult decision.
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Why choose Brite Recruitment?

Brite Recruitment is dedicated to providing a great partnership with our clients. Our team get to know your business. With regular communication and liaising directly to ensure we completely understand the roles you are looking to fill.

Our committed team are constantly sourcing and attracting new candidates.

We can cherry-pick the most ideal candidates from our database(s) for your vacancies. The service we provide can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer permanent, contract and temporary employees. Vacancies can be entry-level all the way up to board level. We work with a range of clients in a variety of industries and recruit for jobs located across the UK, Europe and the world.

"Words cannot describe the amount of effort that goes in from all at Brite Recruitment. We partner with Brite who mirror our perception of first class candidate experience."

- Head of Talent

The Recruitment Process

  1. Get in touch with us about a vacancy
  2. We’ll visit your office(s) to learn more about your business and the role
  3. A job description will be agreed, and the ad copy will be advertised online
  4. We will begin to search for suitable candidates in our databases
  5. All applicants are reviewed by Brite Recruitment and shortlisted
  6. Thorough competency interviews are conducted with each prospective candidate to check their suitability
  7. Shortlisted candidates will be written up and their CVs are sent to you
  8. You select the candidates you wish to interview
  9. All interviews are arranged and booked for you
  10. Feedback is received from both the candidate and the interviewer
  11. The job offer is made, and all terms negotiated and confirmed

We manage the initial interviews, so you receive an efficient, hassle-free recruitment service.

Unlike many of our competitors, we conduct in-depth telephone interviews with every candidate. We get to know all about their employment history, strengths and weaknesses and career aspirations. It’s the only way to effectively match the right people to the right roles, without having to use guesswork. Our rigorous process ensures that only the most suitable talent is introduced to you.

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