Finding the Right Person for the Job

Finding the Right Person for the Job
Ensure you always hire the right person with these tips

Making the Right Decision

It’s a very big decision hiring a new employee. You have a tough choice to make. Employing the wrong person for the role can have major consequences for the business. It could be a huge waste of time, money and other resources.

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Finding the Right Person for the Job
Finding the Right Person for the Job

Finding the Best Fit

A lot of time and effort goes into the hiring process. After months of searching, sifting through countless CVs, and hosting dozens of interviews, you want to make the right choice. The problem isn’t a lack of qualified candidates. The problem is that you have a few candidates who all have unique traits. Everyone is different, but you need to choose the person that best suits this role at all levels.

Finding the Right Person for the Job Tips

Understand their aspirations

Before interviewing the candidates, you need to know how you see this position growing in the future. With this in mind, you should then be able to determine if there is an alignment between your candidate and the job. In the interview, find out what the candidate wants to gain from the job. Do these aspirations fit with the job you’re offering?

VET them

Even though its time-consuming work, this process should not be skipped over. You need to evaluate their references and verify their past employment. With these references you can also find out if they actually have the qualities you’re looking for. Learn more about them from what their ex employers and co-workers say about their capabilities and work ethic.

Don’t focus too much on their past

Although you need to know about their work history, you don’t need to drive down into specific details too much. Their CV should tell you most of what you need to know. You should hire them for their potential too, not just past achievements. Use open ended questions that are relevant to the position and see how they answer those.

Use different interview/evaluation strategies

A traditional face-to-face interview is now becoming obsolete. But many people find that you can’t truly connect to people through a video interview. However, face-to-face interviews or video calls are not your only option. You could try a skills-based questionnaire or video screening for the initial process.

Let them spend time with the team

The best way to determine if a candidate will fit in with your other team members is to let them spend time with the team! It’s great that the candidate is capable of doing the job, but they also need to fit in with the workplace culture as well. Choose a team/colleague to pair them with and see how well they mesh together.

Pay attention to their questions

A good candidate should ask thoughtful questions at the end of the interview. It shows they have come prepared and are genuinely interested in the opportunity. However, the interview should also flow like a conversation. Its not a one-way thing. The candidate could ask some questions throughout the interview that show their true colours.

Take your time

It’s not a split decision thing. There’s no rush. Your business may be eager to fill the job role but hiring the right person is better than hiring someone quickly. It’s better to take your time and hire the best person for the job. Respect your business and hold out for the perfect person. If you really care about your employees and company, you’ll want the best for their future.

(If you need more information on how to find the right person for the job, take a look at The Balance Careers website.)

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