Fun Things to do at Work

Fun Things to do at Work
Reduce stress levels in the office and enjoy some fun!

Are you happy at work?

Do you remember when you first started your current job? It was all new and exciting. You were passionate and excited to get stuck into the work...Now you’re snoozing your alarm and lack the enthusiasm to get up. The job has turned into an obligation rather than something stimulating. So, what happened? It’s unhealthy to hold onto negativity. You need to work out the niggles and learn to love your job again.
Fun Things to do at Work
Fun Things to do at Work

How to Enjoy Work

We would all love to be at our dream job feeling like work isn’t ‘work’. Even those who are passionate about their career need some happiness to energise a mundane workday. Often a shift in perspective through a quick pick-me-up can increase productivity. Creating camaraderie among co-workers enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty. The activity can be formal or informal, as long as they uplift people’s spirits. Remind the employees of their value at the company.

Fun Things to do at Work


Experts say these breaks, no matter how short, are critical for keeping up your productivity. If you typically spend your lunch scoffing down a meal at your desk, or perhaps you skip lunch altogether, this can lead to an unhealthy routine. Having a good break time routine can be the key to your career success.

What do you enjoy doing? Whatever it is, take a mini-vacation and help refresh you and your mindset. You will go back to the office with a fresh start. It’s all about self-care. Take time out of your day to relax or do something you enjoy.

Give your eyes a rest from the computer screen and stretch your legs outside. Fresh air lets the body distress after long periods of working at a desk. It is a great time to have a communal lunch. Eat with other employees and get to know one another. You may discover a new food or recipe or learn more about the person themselves.


Even when you think you have too much work and must work through lunch, always get away from your desk. If you HAVE TO work through lunch, working in a different location can give you a change of scenery and perspective.


You should make sure you eat healthy and mindfully. Nutritionists suggest that you must be mindful when eating, which means eating slowly and appreciating the food. Not being mindful leads to poor dietary choices which not only affects your health, buts also affects your stress level and ability to focus.


Group exercises are another great idea to have fun in the workplace. Even if it’s just doing jumping jacks for 2 minutes at a time, the short break from a task can make the day become much less boring. Schedule a yoga session during the day or take part in meditation to destress.

Exercising during your lunch break provides a great energy boost. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment for the second part of the workday. A regular workout schedule promotes good health and has been shown to reduce stress and increase focus. Improve your performance at work as well as at the gym, get moving!


Try to initiate competition into day-to-day tasks. It could be a work-related contest or a quick game of darts.

Play board games, ping-pong, table football, pranks or - if you’re feeling particularly proactive - host a scavenger hunt! These are all great team bonding ideas as well as fun simulation in the workplace environment.


Try and have lunch with a different person in your office or network at least once a week. You are guaranteed to learn something new about the company or industry and may even make some new friends in the process.

We spend a large amount of time working. So, having a positive and healthy relationship with the people you work with should be a top priority. The more you can build strong, meaningful relationships with these people, the more likely you will love your job. These intimate relationships are important for a fun and satisfying job.


If you have enough time to accomplish tasks, it could be helpful to complete them within your lunchtime. Get yourself organised and take advantage of your breaks. Running simple errands during your lunch hour frees up the rest of your day.  So, after work, you don’t have to worry about doing anything. Create a to-do list for your personal life and see what you can complete. Feeling organised in your life outside of work will free up mental energy and reduce stress levels enabling you to perform better.

Fun Things to do at Work

(for employers)


Whenever there is free food in the office, people swarm like vultures. Create a happy environment with FREE stuff.

If you bring snacks to share with your colleagues, you will likely have a gathering of co-workers surrounding your desk. Being the go-to for snacks is highly beneficial. You’ll get to know your fellow employees when they pass by for food.

Instead of a snack stash, you could also buy a host of cheap gifts to make your colleagues feel appreciated. These gifts could be anything from coffee and cake to fun pens or hand creams. The thoughtful present could be the first step to making friends at the company.


Whether it’s a quick drink after work or a weekend away, spend time outside the office to catch up on topics other than work. It’s a great way to get to know your peers on a personal level. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon realise the working world is just like school, except you get paid.

Some examples of team bonding include happy hours, bowling, book clubs, football and pizza Fridays. If the company is open enough, suggest these ideas as potential corporate-sponsored events to get the employees even more excited.


Its important employees feel comfortable in the office because they spend a significant amount of time here. Not everyone likes white walls, white ceilings and soulless lighting.

Being able to personalise your own desk will go a long way to making the office appear more inviting. If you’re really feeling bold, offer to decorate someone else’s desk.

Choose a theme and go for it. Bring in photos and other trinkets as a reminder of what makes life worthwhile. Adding plants to your desk will freshen up your workspace and add some calming greenery. People will get to know your personality and ask questions that will lead to interesting conversation.


If you’re lucky enough to work in an office that allows pets at work, bring your four-legged friend in for some inter-office cuddling and snuggling. Research suggests there is a strong benefit of having pets at the workplace. A few benefits include higher productivity, reduced stress and improved teamwork and communication.


Achievements need to be properly celebrated. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or milestone such as a promotion, they should all be celebrated. Bring in champagne (or lots of sweets!). The excitement around the celebration will increase employee happiness in the office.

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What does stress do to us?

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. Being under pressure is a guaranteed part of life. Many people trigger this stress response daily. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can be very damaging to our health. You could develop anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. It is also linked to the increase of physical health problems such as heart disease, problems with the immune system, insomnia, muscle pain and digestive problems.

You can find advice and support about managing stress through these helpful resources:

Mental Health

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