Great LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Great LinkedIn Recommendation Examples
How to write a great LinkedIn recommendation

Why do we Need LinkedIn Recommendations?

It’s always a good idea to get great LinkedIn recommendations on your profile. There is no better way to stand out and impress other LinkedIn users. Yes, you profile may be updated with all your recent information but getting another person’s opinion on your profile adds something more.

Recommendations take time to write. It’s not just a button to click like an Endorsement. The person who writes it obviously likes you enough to make the effort to write something nice about you. The LinkedIn recommendation acts as a mini sales pitch that help to sell someone in the job market.


What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

A recommendation is the action of recommending something or someone. It shares an opinion and points out personal characteristics that make the person good at what they do.  The LinkedIn recommendation section is what shows people who you really are. It lets them read someone else’s perspective.

Although LinkedIn is mainly a professional networking platform for users to connect to other like-minded individuals, it is also a great recruitment tool. The recommendation could open doors and help people achieve personal and professional goals.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Recommendation

  • Boosts your credibility
  • Improves your networking relationships
  • Shows your profile on other LinkedIn profiles
  • Reaches more people
  • Improves visibility to recruiters
    (More info: Finding the Right Person for the Job)

How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Step 1: Grab the Readers Attention

Start the LinkedIn recommendation with a hook. Write a sentence that grabs the audience and makes them want to read on. Show them right away that this person is great.

Step 2: Describe Your Relationship

Give the reader some context about how you know the person, so they know why you’re qualified to give them a recommendation. Include what you worked on together and the length of time you’ve known each other.

Step 3: Share a Unique Value/Strength

What makes this person worth giving a LinkedIn recommendation to? Think about the things this person does that really stands out.

Step 4: Add a Personal Touch

Add a bit of emotion to the LinkedIn recommendation and share some information that’s personal. Maybe just talk about what it’s like to work with this person to showcase their personality. Remember to keep it professional.

Step 5: End with a Solid Statement

Finish your LinkedIn recommendation with a bang. Make it clear that you trust this person completely and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. It doesn’t have to be long, keep it short and sweet but get all the information across.

(For more detail and guidance on how to write a recommendation, please visit The Muse)

How to Post a Recommendation

  1. Go to your connection’s profile
  2. Click the More button
  3. From the dropdown menu select ‘Recommend’
  4. In the pop-up window, choose the Relationship and Position at the time you worked together
  5. Click Next and pick the option that better describes how you were connected to the person
  6. Repeat the same process and select their Position at the time
  7. Click Next and write the recommendation
  8. Click Send

How to Request a Recommendation

  1. Go to your profile and select Add profile section
  2. Click the Additional information dropdown and select Request a Recommendation
  3. Select the person you would like to ask for it
  4. Choose the Relationship and Position at the time
  5. Send a short message asking the person for a recommendation
  6. After you receive a recommendation it is polite to thank the person and if you haven’t done it, go ahead and write one back.

Take a Look at Some of our Great LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendation

Nicholas is a valued client that Brite Recruitment works with on an ongoing basis for roles across the UK. We are proud to be the selected and chosen partners of such a great company. Thanks to Nicholas for the great LinkedIn recommendation.

LinkedIn Recommendation

Freena worked with our Operations Director, Sophie, to gain her new role with one of our clients. The LinkedIn recommendation example shows that the team at Brite go above and beyond for our candidates.

LinkedIn Recommendation
Rachel was a client of Karen’s who required assistance with hiring for multiple roles. Karen used her experience and knowledge of recruitment to help Rachel place some hard to fill job vacancies. As seen from her LinkedIn recommendation, Rachel thought our services were incredibly helpful to her business.
LinkedIn Recommendation
Paul worked with our Account Director, Rhia. She worked closely with Paul through the whole recruitment process and, as you can see from the LinkedIn recommendation example, he was very grateful.
LinkedIn Recommendation
Hannah worked with our Account Manager, Bethany, to help her apply and succeed in achieving a new job role. The LinkedIn recommendation example shows that Bethany was extremely supportive throughout.
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