Honest Recruiters

Honest Recruiters

What is an honest recruiter? And how do you know you are one?

Recently Greg Savage, a renowned and respected voice of the recruitment world, with over four decades of experience, released an article entitled There are two types of Recruiters. The honest. And the dishonest.

We at Brite Recruitment found this an intriguing read. Instantly we recognised key traits of an honest recruiter, which we pride ourselves on demonstrating every day.

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One of the key aspects of our everyday lives is reflection. Thinking back on the week before, and setting ourselves new goals for the week ahead. We actively attend team meetings every Monday morning to discuss what was good and what wasn’t so good.

Our Founding and Managing Director, spearheaded by our Operations Director, will praise our achievements, and identify the areas in which we need to improve, to help the business deal with an ever-changing market.

Because that is the key phrase ‘ever-changing market.’ The outside world is continually remodelling; depending on the economy, seasons or events that occur. This is fact. However, Greg Savage addresses this fact as being a problem in which dishonest recruiters use as a source of blame for their lack of success when recruiting clients or candidates. He claims, ‘the market shifts, and, like the emperor with no clothes, they are exposed as superficial recruiters with limited skills.’

Albeit, a harsh depiction, but undoubtedly, this is the ‘savage truth.’

In an ever-changing market, it is survival of the fittest. One must learn to evolve and adapt to their new surroundings, instead of blaming incompetence on inconsistency.

The key to survival is reflection and improvement – which Brite Recruitment both recognise and actively implement every day. In an uncertain world, with talks of recession looming and hearing numerous stories of massive companies, like Meta, getting rid of over 11,000 jobs, it’s our job to take this into account and find new ways to recruit and pair clients with hardworking and professional candidates.


It's our job as honest recruiters, to know when we have failed, and strive to succeed the next time.  As Greg Savage states, we have our doubts and we have so much pride in our work, that we feel each disappointment, every offer turned down. We get stressed and have bad months because we are human. We are honest with ourselves and our customers. But we ‘bounce back’!

We pick ourselves back up, shake off the dust, and get back to doing what we love. Reflecting on our shortcomings and adapting our approaches to succeed next time. Because being honest allows us to improve and makes us successful recruiters.

Here at Brite Recruitment, we have had our most successful year ever in 2021, and 2022 has continued to be busy and fruitful. We have achieved all of this despite the turbulence of the last few years because we constantly adapted and assessed and re-assessed our position. We look forward to finishing 2022 on a high and are excited by what 2023 will bring for us.

As our Founder and Managing Director, Karen Lacey (Pollard), with over 20 years of success in recruitment, explains:

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.  We work with clients for the long term and ensure we place candidates in the right role for them and the company. We continue to adapt and evolve our service and strive to be the best recruiters we can be.

Because Honest recruiters make successful recruiters.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies
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