How to get a Job with no experience?

When you’re looking to get on the career ladder, finding your dream job can seem daunting but with the right determination and persistence you can uncover the right opportunities. Sometimes it can be frustrating, a classic catch 22 situation where you need experience to get a job but can’t get a job to gain experience – this isn’t uncommon and although it may feel disheartening there are plenty of ways to give your CV a boost, gain the skills that potential employers are after and get your foot in the door. Here are some ways to tackle the (seemingly) impossible…

Don’t be ashamed of having no experience, many Students and recent Graduates face this problem because of focusing on studying so it’s best to be completely upfront about this from the get-go. A cover letter is a perfect place to convey any gaps in your CV addressing potential concerns the employer might have. On the other hand, there can be major benefits of hiring someone with no experience - you have a fresh perspective and tend to be more willing to ask questions and challenge the status quo. These higher levels of motivation, passion, and curiosity can make all the difference. It shows willingness to discover, grow, and keep learning new skills to enhance a business further and so it might be beneficial to mention this.

Transferrable skills are the skills you bring from one job to another, this can include communication, problem solving and time management. When you lack prior work experience in a field, highlighting your relevant transferable skills is a good way to demonstrate your value to an employer. It’s likely that you already possess some of the skills that your next employer is looking for. Although experience is important to most companies so is your attitude towards the position, your personality, motivation, resilience and understanding of the company. Draw links between the relevant experience you have, and the experience being asked for and include it in your application and interviews.

If you’re struggling to secure a long-term or permanent position, internships and apprenticeships are great ways to gain that much-needed experience. An internship is a period of work experience with an organisation that can last between a week to 12 months. Internships are more specific to gain experience in a particular field meaning you increase your skills and knowledge, improve your understanding of a particular job or industry, and provide you with useful industry contacts. In an apprenticeship you're employed to do a real job while studying for a formal qualification - usually for one day a week either at a college, university, or training centre. By the end of your apprenticeship, you should have gained the skills and knowledge needed to either succeed in your chosen career or progress to the next level.

Volunteering is when someone spends unpaid time doing something to benefit others. Unpaid work experience is when you work without the expectation of being paid to gain and develop skills in a specific industry. Whether you were paid for work is irrelevant to many employers who are seeking to learn if you have transferrable skills you can bring to a position within their company. Both paid and non-paid work experiences show that you are driven, have honed skills, and exhibited abilities that can be utilized in future positions.

Networking is a great tool for finding the right opportunities for you. It means using the people you know and the people they know to hear about job vacancies, let people know you’re looking for work, find out what it's like to work for a particular company, get recommended for a job and grow your reputation in a company or industry. It’s not just about contacting people who can help you, it’s about building long-term relationships. Good networking works both ways and can help open more opportunities for career development. It can be especially useful for jobseekers by helping you hear about job roles that aren’t advertised.

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