LinkedIn – Why do we love it?

LinkedIn - Why do we Love it?

A platform that easily blends the professional and the personal. Here at Brite Recruitment, we love LinkedIn.

But why? Why do we love this platform, and how is it beneficial to our business?

There are many aspects of LinkedIn that we can utilise, not only to grow our business, but also to grow our own skill and visibility. But, with a platform that offers so many options, it can be hard to determine how exactly to use it for your benefit.

So, we have decided to break it down. Whether you are a marketer, recruiter, looking for a job, or just interested in building your profile, there is something for everyone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies


There has been a significant rise in advertising on LinkedIn, making it one of the most reliable marketing platforms. For recruiters, we can share vibrant and colourful visuals to help attract candidates and clients. And the use of hashtags can help those searching for job titles or sectors to find our roles and apply.

Additionally, you can sell yourself or your business, through content, skills and connections. For example, our LinkedIn page features our current vacancies: {picture or video of latest vacancies reel}



Connections with professionals in similar roles are vital. LinkedIn provides an effective and easy way to contact ‘top voices’ in your field, which ultimately allows you to grow your following and skill set. LinkedIn algorithms allow your posts better reach, through your connection’s likes and comments – ensuring your business is seen by potential customers.

But the quality of your connections is more important than the quantity. Logging in and sending a connection to random people won’t benefit you or your goals. So, doing your research into the top voices of your sector can be helpful, and you should personalise your messages.



LinkedIn is all about learning. You have to learn which posts receive the most feedback, you have to learn how to connect with the top voices, but above all, LinkedIn encourages learning. There are courses available for those that wish to improve their skills, which can make them more employable.



Of course, LinkedIn is a great way to find work. A section of it functions like a job site, where you can browse jobs that recruitment agencies and companies advertise. You can create alerts for job titles, and you can see which jobs your profile matches with best. Additionally, you can post your requirements, which are often shared, and recruiters can contact you.


Personal Branding:

The act of selling and investing in yourself, on LinkedIn, has seen a significant rise over the past year. More and more professionals are establishing their own brand, growing their following, advertising their skillset, and advertising their potential. And with so many doing this, it is almost essential to build and promote your portfolio.

And if you are stuck on how to do this, there are some great profiles that you can follow to explain how to use LinkedIn to benefit you. 

We find that marketers have the best tips and tricks for building your personal brand, and here are a few that do this very well...

Lily Veale:

She talks about her journey into marketing, her roles, and personal branding. She helps with imposter syndrome and has some helpful tips to work to the best of your ability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

Hayley Williams:

Her page is so relatable, and helpful to anyone that wants to expand and improve their output, Whether she is reminding you that no one is perfect, or that everyone starts somewhere, we are inspired by her journey, and her confidence to share it with us. We can't wait to see more!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

Marisa Lather:

A top voice in the field of marketing, with so much knowledge, wisdom and experience. She shares some of the best tips for content, strategies and reminds us of the importance of community - which you can find on LinkedIn,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

Megan Dearsley:

Her posts about personal branding are engaging and so helpful! We love her goals and triumphs, and we especially love the way she gives us the truth - to be successful on LinkedIn, you don't have to post everyday. Her posts are relatable and we love following her feed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies


Finally, LinkedIn news and articles can be so insightful, as well as engaging. LinkedIn is a fountain of knowledge, from professionals with real experience and advice. Top voices in marketing, recruiting, sales, business development, CEOs and many more share their methods of success, as well as their relatable failures. So, whether its ideas on how to do your job better, or a pep talk when you have a bad day, LinkedIn has so many answers to choose from.

And that applies to recruiters as well. Finding jobs for candidates, and employees for clients is what we do – we are experts. So not only do we advertise roles, but we also share our knowledge.

Karen Lacey (Pollard):

Our Founder & Managing Director gives some of the best advice for candidates and clients. So, if you are on the job search, then why not get some of the hottest tips and tricks from a professional?

22 Jobs Search Hacks - The Dos and Don'ts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

Additionally, LinkedIn keeps its followers informed on current cultural, and industry trends through its LinkedIn News articles. These articles draw on external sources for clarity, and offer a platform for comments and debates, so that we can learn new perspectives and make connections with like-minded individuals.


So that’s why Brite Recruitment loves LinkedIn because it’s an educational, resourceful, and welcoming platform that can really help you excel your career.

Go check out our LinkedIn!