Managing obstacles, Overcoming adversity and thriving in uncertainty

Managing obstacles, Overcoming adversity, & Thriving in uncertainty...

Naturally, we like to remain positive. Whether you are fretting about global events, a change of career or personal milestones, a positive outlook can be hard to maintain. It is important to recognise the blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals as well as mastering resilience and optimism. By doing so you can confront challenges and actualise your success.

Managing obstacles: Obstacles are the limiting factors that hinder you from achieving your desired dreams. Obstacles are important for multiple reasons - sometimes extreme challenges reveal your full capabilities and tendencies, learning and progressing in the directions of your goals. However, Obstacles make the movement to success difficult, therefore it is important to know how to tackle them.

  • Find out what’s limiting you and tackle this! Your immediate challenge may be a lack of motivation or time, therefore find out what motivates you and what you spend your time doing and prioritise your goals to fit.
  • Break your goals down and Maintain an Active Plan, it’s reasonable to break your goals into sections and develop a checklist to figure out the obstacles hindering you from actualizing the first step, as it shouldn’t be expected that you can reach the top instantly. The lessons from facing obstacles will help you to adapt your plan in finding the best strategy to achieving your goals.

It is only human to face challenges day to day, some trickier than others. It’s a personal challenge to change your perspectives and deal with obstacles with the right mindset to achieve your goals and grow.

Overcoming Adversity: What exactly is adversity? Adversity is a state of hardship, difficulty, or misfortune that one deals with in life. When you have the right tools for how to overcome adversity, you’re able to embrace it as a helpful tool, instead of letting it stop you from achieving your goals. Staying positive is a main factor in overcoming Adversity - Reframe the problem in a positive way. Catch any negative self-talk and replace it with empowering beliefs that help you work toward your goal rather than undermine it. If you remain disciplined and focused, then negativity wont effect your focus on reaching your goals. Most importantly – Do not give up, “Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life”. Thomas Edison tried thousands of methods before making a successful lightbulb, saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That’s the perfect way to sum up how to overcome adversity.

Thriving in uncertainty: We are hardwired to dislike uncertainty. People experience greater stress when they are uncertain of an outcome than when they are certain of a negative outcome. In other words, not knowing what’s going to happen next is more stressful than knowing a bad outcome is coming. Here’s 3 ways to thrive in uncertainty:

  1. Respond instead of reacting - By widening the space between stimulus and reaction, we can find the most optimal response. Making decisions from a place of panic is never ideal, therefore we should react once we have fully assessed the situation.

  1. Try new things and keep the focus on learning - Make sure you view every new experiment as a positive learning experience, even if it fails. Elon Musk, as an example, is impressive in his broad knowledge into space and new energy technologies. He proclaims that constant learning is a key part of his success, as well as his motivation to work harder.

  1. Envision a range of futures - The most effective way to tackle uncertainty is by understanding the possible scenarios that could develop and identify the points that could affect these outcomes. This leads to a clear and actionable plan of steps. The process shifts from a period of uncertainty to a cycle of “execute, monitor and adapt”.

If you are experiencing Adversity, Uncertainty, or Obstacles that you feel are hindering your success then maybe a career change is the right path for you! Contact us here at Brite for full support in making the right move for you to achieve your goals.

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