New Year, New Brite…

New Year, New Brite...

Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? Or do you think that they are a waste of time?

Christmas is over.

Turkeys have been devoured, mince pies scoffed, and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges gorged upon.

We have received our gifts and spread the love.

And now this melancholy feeling lurks above our heads as we struggle to get out of Christmas mode and back into reality.

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But then comes along the new year and suddenly we have a new purpose. We shake off those Christmas blues and strive to make changes for the new year.

We make our New Year’s Resolutions.


But according to an article, written by Peter Raven for YouGov, 1 in 5 Britons make New Year’s Resolutions, and only 3 in 10 people achieved their New year’s Resolutions for 2022.

So why do we bother? Why do we enter the vicious cycle year after year, in an attempt to completely transform ourselves in a matter of months?


The truth is, that we don’t have an answer for that.

Everyone has their reasons for setting themselves such goals, that are both unachievable and unattainable.

But we do have some theories.



Some of us are overachievers, others use the new year as a chance to get back on track over the new years and some are pressured by the media around us.

We set ourselves goals that are extravagant, with the mindset of bigger the better. But we don’t consider the realistic journey to achieve these goals – which can’t be put on a tight time restraint.

And there is so much pressure from social media, the news and various ad campaigns that promotes a ‘better, healthier and happier you’ for the new year. So, we feel that we must make big goals.


But we don’t have to.

Now we are not suggesting that New Year’s Resolutions are bad. You should absolutely take advantage of the motivation that the New Year brings, but you shouldn’t feel pressured by it.

Make some small goals, that promote change in the long run. Realistic and achievable goals are the way forward.

So, with that in mind, we at Brite Recruitment have made our own goals for the year ahead.


My goals are based on previous years achievements and last year’s tasks that I haven’t quite met.

This year, I will…

  • Make more time for myself.
  • Finish making the roman blind that I have tried to do all last year.
  • Run a minimum of 1,000 miles – a goal I have achieved in previous years.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as I always feel it’s anti-climactic and most people by mid-Feb have fallen off the wagon. However, I do want to make changes ready to kick-start 2023 and these are mine:

  • Make myself a priority
  • Start up running again (once a week and we will go from there)
  • Stop eating treats after dinner (I do have a Wedding Dress to get into EEEK!)
  • Above all have fun and be happy


When I am officially back at work, I would like to put in place a few goals for the new year.

They are:

  • Move more – whether it’s a long walk or some exercise, I want to be more active this year
  • Watch less telly – it’s time to put down the remote and find a different hobby
  • Work smarter – once I return to a routine, I need to optimise my working day
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies


Honestly, I think I am rather cynical about New Year’s Resolutions, but there are some changes that I have been meaning to make, so I am going to take advantage of the New Year and set some goals:

My resolutions

  • Continue to learn and develop within my role, to place as many candidates as possible in their desired roles
  • Drink less Coffee and more water
  • To work out 2 times a week – whether it’s just a swift walk or a couple of deadlifts, I want to try and be more active


I am the kind of person that makes big and impossible New Year's Resolutions and rarely meet them. So, this year I have tried to make more achievable goals.

  • To put my health first – to stop putting off appointments and look after my myself.
  • To be more active on social media - personal branding is important!
  • To read 4 books – it’s about time I pick up a book for pleasure, rather than work.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies

So, that's our goals for the year.

If you have some goals for the New Year, which includes a new job, then apply with us today so we can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution sooner rather than later.

Apply with us today!