Pets at the Workplace

Pets at the Workplace
8% of employees in the UK can take their dogs to work

Studies About Pets at the Workplace

According to research conducted by Reed, 8% of employees in the UK can take their dogs to work. Google, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy and many other large companies allow employees to bring pets to the workplace. Other pet-related businesses have an even higher percentage of pet-friendly workplaces.

It may seem that allowing pets at the workplace is bowing down to sentimental pet owners. But, research suggests there is a strong benefit of having pets at the workplace.

Pets at the Workplace
Pets at the Workplace

Should you allow pets at the workplace?

There are arguments for and against having pets at the workplace. At Purina they have carried out research to investigate the benefits pets have on a business. Although it could mean a more enjoyable workplace and upbeat atmosphere, it may not be best to have pets at the workplace.

Pet lovers would jump at the chance to have pets at the workplace. But for those who are not as fond of our furry friends may have some objections. If everyone cannot agree to be happy with pets at the workplace then it would be a good idea to restrict pets at the workplace.

For & Against

  • Higher levels of employee performance and production – A study suggests that 50% of employees believe their productivity would increase. For the dog owners, they would be able to work longer hours as they wouldn’t have to go home to feed or walk their pets.
  • Pets at the workplace helps to reduce stress – Stroking an animal can decrease stress levels. The action helps to reduces blood pressure. It changes your psychological state into a more relaxed mode. Having a dog to pet will make you feel better. Read our blog on Positive Attitude at Work for more ideas on how to improve the attitude at work.
  • Employees feel relaxed and comfortable - Dogs provide social and emotional support for their humans. The pet gives you cheerful attention regardless of whatever else is going on. They can make us feel better and can improve our well-being.
  • Promotes teamwork and communication – Whether you’re a dog owner or a dog lover, there are benefits to having pets at the workplace. Colleagues who want to greet an owner’s pet will chat with the employee and build a relationship with them. This can help towards creating a great team.
  • Customers have a positive reaction to pets – If your business opens its office to customers then having a pet around could be great. People will warm to your company a lot quicker when there’s a pet at work.
  • Progressive, forward thinking company image – If you have a pet policy that allows employees to bring pets to work then your company will appear very modern. This might be a great recruiting tool for potential employees.
  • Distraction for both owner and co-workers
  • Employees may have allergies or phobias to pets
  • There may be accidents on the carpet or damage to office furniture
  • Problems with hygiene as the dogs steal food out of office bins
  • Noise complaints because of barking at motorcycle couriers
  • Some dogs may have aggressive behaviour towards other dogs in the office
  • Dog toys could have an annoying squeak
  • Breaks may have to be extended for the pet owners
  • The office building would have to be pet friendly
  • A training programme may be pt in place to ensure the animals behave well during the day
  • Insurance issues for the business from bringing pets to work
Pets at the Workplace

Bringing a Pet to Work

The decision is up to the company Director. But the opinions of the employees should be considered. A boost in morale and increased interaction could be a fantastic bonus to the business. A third of UK businesses have a pet policy that welcomes pets at the workplace.

There is a lot to consider when issuing a pet policy. Many people believe an office pet can cause distractions, unwanted stress and issues with cleanliness. So, the pet policy should state exactly what is and isn’t allowed in the workplace.

Should you make your workplace pet friendly?

Whatever your thoughts are on the matter, a good working environment is key to job satisfaction. Whether it is through allowing pets at the workplace or working in a job that you are passionate about. Satisfaction should be an important factor to consider when seeking a new job. Read more on Fun Things to do at Work.

Brite Recruitment’s Managing Director, Karen, has 3 beagles. On special occasions Karen brings the dogs into the office. It’s great fun to have our four-legged friends with us throughout the working day! Not everyone agrees with having pets at the workplace.

Pets at the Workplace
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