Recruitment Myths – The Facts

Recruitment Myths - The Facts
2022 Predictions . . . Recruiters will be in high demand.
Recruitment agencies have become the topic of scepticism. There are many myths surrounding Recruitment agencies, which often boils down to a misunderstanding from clients and candidates – therefore we aim to clear these up. In June 2022 the employment rate within the UK raised by 0.2 percentage points to 75.6% but this is still below pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. After the hit of COVID-19, when hiring started again, companies faced a war for talent. People quit their jobs at record numbers due to work-life balance issues, fear of getting ill, or feeling undervalued. Data from all over the world shows a steep rise in demand for recruiters so don’t let the myths and tales of Recruitment sway you from finding the perfect Candidate or Job. Know the Facts.

Best Job Boards

MYTH #1: As an employer you can post an opening on multiple job boards yourself and find the same people with the same Talent that a recruiter would send you.

It’s a common myth that Recruiters only care about money, we surf the internet and send any old CV to our clients. Wrong. In fact, it’s an in-depth process that we have perfected to find the best talent in the market. Our focus is building rapport with our candidates understanding their wishes, set criteria and aspirations to match them perfectly to the role in question. Job boards/standard advertising often do not reach the best candidates in the marketplace but only those actively looking to make a job change. Yes, LinkedIn is a great tool for building connections, but research has found that only 35% of potential job seekers post a profile on LinkedIn – what about the other 65% of the workforce? Additionally, most profiles do not portray the complete candidate picture so relying solely on this means you miss out on top talent.

Recruitment agencies exist because they have expert knowledge on the employment market. Our Job is to know our client inside out and understand their set requirements but also be there as a guide and to give feedback on the search, which sometimes involves explaining that there needs to be some compromises. We are often used by our clients to help give them an understanding of the market and where salaries or expectations need to sit. As a top recruitment agency, we stake our reputation and integrity on finding the right person for your needs. Over the years we have built our network and have strong relationships across multiple industries, meaning we could have the perfect candidate just waiting for your role, without even having to advertise.  We are used to partnering with both inhouse talent acquisition teams and HR departments very effectively.  Often internal teams do not have the time to source candidates proactively so working with an agency that understands their business, values and culture is a win win! Here at Brite, we actively source and headhunt candidates across all our mediums in order to find the right skillset for our clients

MYTH #2: All Recruiters are exactly the same

Like every other company we strive to be the best. We are an award-winning recruitment business with an excellent reputation, ethos, workforce, vision and professional ethics to follow ensuring we provide the highest standards. Whilst we appreciate our main goal is the same as other recruitment agencies our approach is heavily based on building long term relationships and achieving mutual results together with our clients and candidates.


MYTH #3: Recruiters are too expensive and the return on investment can be poor

Common objections businesses have when using recruitment agencies is that they claim they cost too much money. Recent Research from the REC found that a poor hire at mid-manager level, with a salary of £42,000, could cost a company as much as £132,000; and that 39% of employers admitted that their interviewing and assessment skills of their staff should be improved. Instead consider a 20% Recruitment fee as £8,400 – It’s about the long-term cost savings of finding the perfect candidate to put the resources and training into. As a Recruitment agency we not only reduce your costs on advertising but open up a bigger pool of potential talent as we have access to multiple job boards and above all we take away the time and hassle on your workforce. We are here to partner with Talent Acquisition teams or support and give guidance to direct Hiring Managers.

If you are looking for a recruitment business who truly partners with its clients – look no further and contact Brite Recruitment today – we take the hard work out of recruitment for you!

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