Recruitment vs Marketing

Recruitment vs Marketing
Hear me out…Recruitment is all about Marketing.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of identifying, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates for jobs.

However, it’s not just about matching suitable candidates to the right job. Recruiters need to appeal to the right people and attract (and retain) them during the process.

Therefore, agencies need to add value to their offering to distinguish them from competitors. A strong employer brand goes a long way in doing this. The ‘employer brand’ is the company’s mission, vision, value, and individuality. Establishing these things puts your company at the forefront of like-minded individuals.

In Recruitment, they talk about ‘Candidate Experience’ which is what Marketers refer to as ‘Customer Experience’. Recruiters need to understand their target audience and form long-term relationships with them. They need to build trust and earn a good reputation for the company.

Overall, Recruitment aims to attract and retain candidates and clients.

What is Marketing?

Marketing refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote its products or services.

A main aspect of marketing is developing the company’s brand image. To do this, all communication should convey the company’s identity as well as the information you’re trying to get across. Marketing strategies and campaigns aim to build on this reputation.

It’s important for Marketers to understand people’s needs and provide them with a suitable solution. It needs to deliver the right message, to the right candidates, at the right time. Marketing strategies are changing all the time as they need to evolve and adjust to new trends.

In conclusion, the focus of marketing is to attract customers to your brand and encourage them to develop a relationship with the company.

What is involved with Recruitment Marketing?

  • Communicating with the candidates and encouraging engagement
  • Writing clear and attractive job openings
  • Creating engaging content
  • Promoting through channels e.g. social media, blogs, and websites

There are some challenges I’ve faced with being a Marketer in the Recruitment industry.

Firstly, it’s difficult to balance priorities. I am one person supporting the entire team of Recruiters. It’s hard to be all things at once. As the digital marketer, I manage the social media, improve the candidate experience, analyse metrics, create strategies and campaigns etc.

Secondly, marketing to employees is different from marketing to clients. These audiences want to know different information and so different strategies need to be implemented. For example, when communicating with candidates, they want to know the tasks they might handle, and the benefits offered. With clients, you should focus on the problems your services solve, such as reducing their costs or adding value to their business.

Lastly, more priority is given to tasks that align with revenue-generating goals rather than recruitment marketing.

However, if you find the right balance between Recruitment and Marketing, you can improve your recruitment vastly. You’ll be more visible to potential clients and candidates and ultimately thrive in the industry.

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