The Effects of the COVID19 Pandemic on Jobs

The Effects of the COVID19 Pandemic on Jobs
It’s now over two years since the first lockdown in the United Kingdom due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The pandemic affected everyone’s lives; whether it was self-development, being isolated from family and friends, or worrying about job security.

One of the most noticeable differences that occurred for working people during the pandemic was the obligation for many to work remotely. In April 2020, 86% of all remote workers in the UK were doing so due to the pandemic. With lockdown laws meaning that only essential workers, such as nurses and supermarket staff, were allowed to travel to their workplaces, people all over the country were made to adapt to working from home.

As recruiters we are now finding that, even with all isolation rules now dropped, people are looking for roles where they have the option to work from home, even if just for a few days a week. For those with young families, it means more quality time spent at home, and allows for more flexibility with things such as childcare. For others, it just means being in a more relaxed space, and not having to make long commutes to the office. Despite the positive aspects of being able to work from the comfort of your own home, there are many questions about whether it really is beneficial. When working remotely, many people’s new office is situated in their bedroom or living room, meaning that there is a blur in the line between work and home, making it hard to separate the two. To alleviate the issues with social nourishment due to working from home, the majority of companies have now adopted a ‘hybrid’ way of working, where staff are expected to come into the office 3-4 days a week and the rest is spent working remotely. The hybrid working model allows colleagues to continue to connect face to face, but also means staff can take a break from going into the office, taking the pressure off the working week.

For the recruitment market, there have been massive changes due to the pandemic, such as the recent mass increase in job vacancies, which have reached record levels. During the height of the pandemic, when the country was in lockdown, many companies put recruitment on hold, and even had to make staff redundant due to the lack of money coming in from the general public. Now, 2 years since the first lockdown, unemployment levels have fallen back to those before the pandemic, and companies are finding it harder and harder to find skilled candidates for their open vacancies. There is a reluctance to move jobs, particularly amongst those who were kept on by their employer throughout the pandemic, as well as becoming choosier about what they expect from a workplace, such as salary and benefits, and options to work from home.

If you are looking to make the move from your current job now that the job market is opening back up, contact us at Brite Recruitment to explore the many roles we have across the UK in various sectors. Our clients offer great salary and benefits packages, and often the opportunity to work remotely.

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