The Job Hunt- CVs and their relevance

The Job Hunt – CVs and their relevance

CVs have become almost overwhelming to build, with the worry about Employment History, lack of Experience, and explaining gaps affecting the likelihood of employment. However, this does not mean a candidate is unworthy, in fact, there are ways to tackle these issues as well as realise we should not be so dependent on our CVs to land us a job.
The Job Hunt- CVs and their relevance

Having gaps on a CV is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed about – providing there’s an explanation. As well as your achievements your potential employer wants to know YOU personally, so a little explanation goes a long way. Your reason could be traveling, illness, or personal projects that you were involved in, none of which are to be ashamed of and all of which help your employer understand your values, interests, and commitments.

CVs are not outdated but a part of a wider, in-depth recruitment process. To make the hiring process fairer many recruitment teams (including us) use telephone/video conversations, screening questions and online candidate registration to fully understand candidates at a deeper level than what is initially on their CV.

Lack of experience and a history of multiple short-term roles does not mean you will not get your desired job role. It’s beneficial to highlight the transferrable skills that you have gained from previous experiences and relay how these can benefit your potential employer in the future. This includes the purpose of your job role and achievements to avoid appearing unreliable. A survey indicated that 36% of employee performance issues resulting in short-lived job roles, were due to poor skills matching with the job. – therefore, it's crucial you’re finding the right job! We can do that for you…

Here at Brite, we truly allow you to introduce yourself so we can fully understand your skills, what you’re looking for, and the best job roles for you. We need to understand you to be able to match you to your ideal job! We will help to fine tune your CV before sending it off to our clients as well as give you support with interview tips and preparation. Get in touch if you are on the job hunt or call to chat with a member of the team. Follow our Instagram @Briterecruitment for more CV tips also!

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