The Sunday Blues

The Sunday Blues

You have had a great weekend, seeing friends, watching your favourite TV show, and you even got that bit of housework done that you had put off all week. Then it suddenly hits you. It’s Sunday. The weekend is over and it’s back to work tomorrow. You have the Sunday blues…

Everyone experiences that feeling. Whether you are in your dream job, run your own successful business or are self-employed with no one to answer to, we all dread the Monday morning. So how do you deal with that? How do you make the most out of your week – finding that perfect work life balance? How do you alleviate those Sunday blues?

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The truth is, there is no magical cure. However, we do have some ways in which you can decrease those Sunday blues and make the most out of your week!

Top tips:

Make a work plan:

The best way to use your time effectively, is to plan for the week ahead. Setting yourself bite size tasks can make the daunting jobs feel more manageable. And as Loopin Marketing Manager Lily Veale explains, its all about eating the frog!

Set a weekend plan:

Making a loose plan for your weekend can be an easy way of ensuring that you take the time to both socialise and relax. See your friends and family. Watch your favourite TV show. Go to the gym. Whichever activity you prefer, use your time to get that perfect work life balance.

However, remember not to over plan. It is essential that you take the time to rest and recuperate. For more information on how to unwind, see our blog:

Look after yourself:

Your wellbeing is important! So, as well as pencilling out time at the weekend to relax and unwind, you also need to be helping yourself throughout the week. One way to do this, is to accept help from others. For example, your manager is there to help you. If a task seems unmanageable, or is causing you too much anxiety, then ask for help. More often than not, there is a simple solution to your problem. So don’t be afraid to ask.

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What can you do as an employer?

There is plenty that you can do as an employer to ensure your staff don’t suffer with crippling Sunday blues. Firstly, flexibility is key. Allowing your employees to decide their own routine, start earlier or later, or even work some days from home can be highly beneficial to their wellbeing – and ultimately their productivity. Secondly, encouraging you employees to rest is a simple way of avoiding burnout. Even something as little as asking them what their plans are for the weekend will encourage them to use their time off. As Lily Veale explains, ‘Those who have not switched off and continue to work on their days off will no doubt start the working week tired, stressed, and counterproductive.’

Finally, incentives and rewards shouldn’t be left to the end of the week. By planning events towards the beginning of the week, or middle, it breaks up the daily grind. It can be a mid-week motivation for your employees and help eliminate the Sunday blues by giving them something to look forward to.

Hobbies and Interests on Your CV

In conclusion, look after yourself and your employees. That is the key to avoiding those crippling Sunday blues. And if you are in a role or company that causes you dread every Sunday, then perhaps you aren’t in the right job?

If that’s the case then it’s time to shake off those Sunday blues and make a change! Register with us today, so that we can find you a role that you are excited to wake up to every Monday morning!

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