Welcoming a New Recruit

Welcoming a New Recruit
A warm welcome to our new recruit Kelsey who joined the Brite Recruitment team at the beginning of this week.

Settling In

Kelsey will be our Digital Marketing Coordinator, handling everything from posting on social media to working on the website. Make sure to take a look at her work by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

We wanted Kelsey to feel right at home and settle into our recruitment company quickly and easily. It’s important for the work environment to be just right for a hard-working team of recruits. If you provide a welcoming atmosphere, your new employee will start developing immediately and the process of starting a new job will go smoothly.

Welcoming a New Recruit

Welcoming a New Recruit

Have you had a new recruit recently? Or are you looking to employ someone in the near future? Here are a few of our suggestions on how to welcome a new recruit:

Meet and Greet

If you haven’t already done so, introduce your new recruit to the main members of their team. Let them get to know who they’re going to be working with and who they need to go to with questions or concerns.

Business Tour

Show them where everything is. From where to find the kettle to where the toilet can be located, make sure they know the general layout of the building and where they can find things. Double check that they are comfortable with everything.

Beginners Tasks

Don’t leave the new recruit to fend for themselves. They’ll need some hand holding throughout the initial stages of their new career. You should also outline your own expectations.

Point of Contact

Having a named colleague is a huge help to new employees. This should be someone that the new candidate can rely on to answer their questions. Whether it’s big or small, the employee should feel that they will find the answers with them.

Check In

Part way through the day make sure to check in with the newbie. Are they handling their workload ok? Do they have any further questions? Have a quick chat with them about how their day is going and see if there’s anything else you can do to accommodate them.

Welcoming a New Recruit

The Extra Mile

Other things you may do if you’re wanting to go that step further is to socialise with the new recruit. At lunch (or even after work) organise a proper warm welcome with coffee or food. Get them socialising with the other members. Make them feel like one of the team. Having a small gathering is great to get the new recruit settled in.

A Warm Welcome

On Monday Brite Recruitment made sure Kelsey would have a great start to the week by bringing in a home-made chocolate cake. Unfortunately for our new employee, she was allergic but the Director, Karen, came to the rescue and bought in some gluten free biscuits.

It’s always important to keep the team’s moral boosted. If you’re looking to hire a new recruit or want to know more about how Brite can help you through each stage of recruitment, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Welcoming a New Recruit
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