What is a Recruitment Agency?


Finding a job isn’t always a simple process. It’s certainly not unusual to feel sad, anxious, hopeless, defeated, or even depressed about your job search however having someone to guide you can make a huge difference when finding the right role for you. The best resource you can take advantage of when job hunting is a Recruitment Agency.


Recruitment agencies are external firms that find suitable candidates for employers. They are tasked by employers to find candidates for vacant positions within their organisations. Hiring the right person is important, and with today’s competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.

There are multiple reasons a company will use a Recruitment Agency:

  • There is no internal recruiting team
  • The role requires a niche candidate, therefore needs specialist Recruiters to find this person
  • They need to hire quickly and effectively


When an Employer needs to hire a candidate, they will contact the Recruitment Agency about the role they have to offer. It will be established exactly what the company are looking for in a candidate, including previous experience and personality traits.

The Recruitment Agency will then look at their current database of registered candidates. The jobs will also be posted online to job boards such as Reed, Indeed, CVLibrary and Totaljobs, and they will source applicants with the right skills. This is why it’s important to have your CV and contact details up to date! Once suitable candidates have been found, the recruiter will then send them through to the company and arrange interviews for the best-matching candidates.


  1. We receive your job application OR alternatively we are proactively searching on job boards and will find your CV
  2. We will give you a call if we think you might fit the job role to discuss the opportunity further and send you information via email, so you have a chance to review
  3. If you are interested, we then conduct an initial interview and send you across to our client
  4. We then are the middleman between you and our client and give you full support & hints/tips throughout the interview process
  5. Then hopefully this process ends with a job offer and all 3 parties are happy 😊

    A candidate will never get charged for using a Recruitment Agency, we are here to help you find your perfect job!


    Here at Brite Recruitment, you can submit your CV via this link: https://jobs.briterecruitment.com/submit-cv

    Your information will automatically go onto our database, so in future when we are sourcing candidates your data will be available and acknowledged depending on the role.

    Alternatively, you can see the jobs we offer here: https://jobs.briterecruitment.com/ and apply directly against a job role.

    If you would like more information about us, what we do, or any of the jobs we have available you can call us on 01242 228200, email us at jobs@briterecruitment.com, or follow our social media below for latest updates, news and roles!