What is Candidate Experience?

What is Candidate Experience?
All business should aim to delight their candidates or customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether you work in recruitment or other service sector, you will know the term ‘customer experience’. In recruitment we call it ‘candidate experience’. It refers to the experience candidates receive when they use the agency's service.

All business should aim to delight their candidates or customers. Whether we are working with a candidate or client, we strive to offer the best experience. Check out out blog on Great LinkedIn Recommendation Examples to see how Brite Recruitment offers excellent candidate experience.

Candidate Experience

What is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is how candidates feel about the experience your company provides. It includes the whole recruitment process from sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and on-boardig.

If a job seeker has a poor candidate experience it is not only those people who are they affected. It would also affect the recruitment agency. The candidate would not be likely to come back to the recruitment agency for more roles. They may even give the recruitment agency a poor review online. The review could deter others from applying through the recruitment agency. Social media has made it easier for candidates to complain about their experience. Job boards also offer the ability to write reviews about a recruitment agency.

Positive Reviews

But, if a job seeker has a good candidate experience this can lead to more (and better) applicants. So, it is a huge benefit to have great candidate experience.

The recruitment industry has a bad reputation for candidate experience. If you don;t believe us, just read our blog on Google searching the phrase 'Recruitment agencies are...' Recruiters do not have the best reputation when it comes to customer service. A lot of effort goes into improving the candidate experience. To provide an exceptional candidate experience, it requires understanding. Recruitment agencies need to enter their candidate’s mind to understand their needs.

Candidate Experience

A Brite Candidate Experience

Brite Recruitment have high standards when it comes to candidate experience. We strive to provide an exemplary service to both our candidates and clients. Our aim is to always exceed expectations.

It is our mission to get to know you. We need to understand your skills and experience to be able to place you in a role that is a great fit for you. Our Account Managers go out of their way to support you through the recruitment process. Our service includes coaching and support to help you through the interview stages. We invest time with every one of our candidates because we want you to succeed.

We Help You

The experience our candidates and clients have should help build long-term trusted partnerships. The great relationships we have with our clients means we can provide you with all our knowledge. To help you secure a new job we need to understand more about you. What are your key skills and experience? Do you have long-term aims? What motivates you? We don’t pretend to be able to help everyone. If we are unable to help you, our Account Managers will be completely honest and let you know.

Our service is completely free to candidates. No recruitment agency should charge you for their time. If you pay for a recruitment agency service, then this could likely be a scam.

Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience Journey

The world of recruitment is ever changing. We must continue to adapt to meet our candidate and client needs. Things have changed how candidates look for roles and how companies recruit. For example, a lot of companies are turning to social media when looking to hire for a new job. Another example is the fact a lot of candidates do not apply for roles themselves. Sourcing candidates is a large part of recruiting nowadays.

Optimising candidate experience should be a main priority for all recruitment agencies. For us to give our candidates the best experience we need to create the best candidate journey.


Candidates today are not likely to apply for a position without all the information. Lots of research goes into the job before they apply to the job. Most employers have not adjusted their recruiting strategies. Thus, their candidate experience is not very good.

Initial Interview

Even through the initial interview process the candidate’s experience is important. The telephone conversation should not take too long. The questions should not be too intrusive. The information you provide should be enough to understand the role. We are likely to interview you for a specific role in mind. Discuss the company, role, challenges and ideal qualities and experience you have. We are representing you to our client. We need to make sure it is the correct match for you and our client.

Face-to-Face Interview

Preparing the candidates for interview is also part of the candidate experience.  Candidates receive hints and tips to help them ace their interview with the client. If the candidate doesn't get given any information then they are likely to fail the interview. This is not good candidate experience.

We work with you throughout the whole interview process. We ensure you understand everything and prepare you as best as we can for the actual interview. We know our clients well and can provide lots of information and useful tips to help you do the best you can.


Once you have had the interview we will give feedback to the client about how you found it. We also aim to gain feedback back from them about you as a candidate. If required, we then organise another interview.

It doesn’t end there. We work with you up to you starting in your new role and beyond checking in to see how you are getting on.

Unsuccessful Candidates

A positive candidate experience also includes turning candidates down. If you candidate has gone to interview and has not been successful, you need to explain to them why this is so. Although they have not received good news, at least they know why they did not get the role. It can help them improve their interview technique for future job opportunities. It is not a pleasant thing to do, especially if the feedback is difficult to explain to the candidate. But providing a reason why they did not get the job goes a long way to helping improve the candidate experience.

At Brite we ensure our candidates are well informed about any roles that may be of interest to them. We let you know if anything changes and will get back in touch if you’d be a suitable for another role.

Candidate Experience

Experience Our Candidate Experience

Read our blog about how to Find a Job with a Recruitment Agency. If you want to discuss your CV one of our Account Managers would be more than happy to talk to you over the phone or drop us an email here. The conversation would involve talking about your experience and skills. We will also ask what you are looking for in a job. These informal chats are great because we get to find out more about you and you get to find out more about the role. It’s a win-win situation.

Register your CV and we'll let you know about any suitable jobs.