What to Do When You Lose Your Job

What to Do When You Lose Your Job
Your income stops…but the bills won’t

Losing Your Job

Whether you’re made redundant or let go for reasons out of your control, unemployment is hard to handle. It’s important you deal with the situation in the right way. Try not to take it personally. Your job loss could be because your role was no longer required, or your employer needed to cut costs.

Either way, losing your job can give you the push you need to change career or work for a different employer. Get your life back on track with the following suggestions…


What to Do When You Lose Your Job

Stay on Top of Finances

After losing a job you’ll need to sort out your finances immediately. Without a job, you won’t be getting a steady income. If you have bills to pay, this can be a very worrying prospect. Because you won’t be getting a regular paycheck, you may need to do some cutbacks. Hopefully, these will only have to last for a short period of time.

A good idea is to organise your money. Understand exactly what you’ve got in your accounts. You could be entitled to redundancy pay, pay in lieu of notice and/or holiday pay. Also, don’t delay in signing up for unemployment. It could take up to a week to process the application once they’ve received it so get ahead of the game.

For more helpful advice, visit Money Advice Service.

Acknowledge Your Loss

It’s OK to feel sorry for yourself. Deal with your emotions however you feel comfortable. If you want to eat a tub of ice cream, eat it. If you want to binge Netflix for 3 days straight, do it. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Give yourself some time to heal. Let the initial shock wear off.

Accepting your loss if the first stage. Once you’ve passed this stage, you can move on and focus on the future.

Talk About It

One of the best things you can do to help you get over your job loss is too talk about it. If many people were let go at the same time, reach out to these colleagues and form a ‘support group’. You’ll find comfort in each other and be able to share connections/leads. You could also join a group on LinkedIn which is relevant to your situation.

Telling other people about your situation may open up more opportunities. If people know you’re unemployed and looking for work, they may have seen an advert or know someone that can help you.

When talking about your reason for leaving your last job, don’t bad mouth your previous employer. Try to focus on your future desires rather than complaining about what happened. Regardless of the reason for your unemployment, focus on the positive aspects.

Personal and Professional Development

Now you’ve got some free time, why not try learning something new? By enrolling in a class or taking an online course, you’re improving your knowledge and skills. Learning a thing or two can improve your employability.

Upskilling through training, volunteering, freelancing or interning proves your enthusiasm and drive. Polish up your skills and stand out from the competition using Reed's Online Courses.

Update Your CV

Now is the perfect time for you to amend your CV. Make sure your latest job roles are at the top and proofread it multiple times to ensure there are no mistakes. Remember, a CV needs to persuade employers to hire you, so it needs to be relevant, truthful, clear and concise. For more helpful tips on how to write your CV read our blog on how to avoid these Biggest Job Application Mistakes.

Also, while you're at it, Create a LinkedIn Profile too.

Try to Stay Positive

Although it will be a struggle, try to stay positive throughout your employment. Your attitude affects your outlook.

Searching for a job can take its toll on your physical and mental well-being. It’s a frantic rush to find an income. When no good news comes through it can lead to panic. But your current job status doesn’t define you. Focus on learning, growing and striving for the future. Something will come along in the end. Have a read of our blog on How to Get a Job for some helpful hints and tips.

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