Why Consider Temporary Positions

Why Consider Temporary Positions
Whatever your circumstances, temporary work is an excellent way to gain experience.

Temping Jobs

Have you recently left education or graduated? Or are you between jobs? Whatever your circumstances, temporary work is an excellent way to gain experience. You can learn new skills in a different company or industry. The further knowledge will be great to add to your CV and the short-term job is perfect to fill in employment gaps. Learn how to write the perfect CV on our blog: Biggest Job Application Mistakes.

Temporary Positions

Leaving Education

For those who leave education and want to dip their toe into a certain job role or industry,  you should consider a temporary position. Young people generally have little to no experience in a working environment. Other than retail or hospitality jobs, they will unlikely have office experience.

With a temporary position, you can explore what life is like in different organisations. You can get a feel for both the industry and role.

Between Jobs

For those who are between jobs, having a short-term position should not be a last resort. You can gain skills and further your experience! Prove to future employers that you were in fact job hunting while you were looking for your next permanent role.

For many people, the security of a permanent position is a necessity. Although there is a lack of stability (and you feel as if you’re constantly looking for jobs) temporary positions do have their benefits…

Why You Should Consider Temporary Positions

What is a temporary job?
Temporary positions can be either part-time or full-time. You will be contracted to work for a certain period. These periods can be for several weeks or ongoing longer-term opportunities.

Excellent Pay

Most temporary positions offer excellent rate of pay. Having the short-term employment will take the pressure off you finding a new job asap. The wage is paid on a weekly basis into your bank account. You will have a timesheet which you fill in with your hours worked. From these hours, you will accrue holiday pay which can be paid whenever you need.


A lot of people find that having a temporary job gives them a better work-life balance. Don’t tie yourself down to a full-time, permanent position. Choose when you want to work and enjoy the freedom that a temporary position gives. Also, most temporary positions are paid hourly, so any extra hours you work means extra money in the bank.

Close Gaps on Your CV

What have you been doing since you left your last job?

A temporary position can help you to close gaps on your CV if you are between jobs. Employers are wary of hiring those who have had long periods of unemployment. Adding a temporary role to your CV could make you more employable. Looking for a temporary position is usually a quicker than finding permanent employment. There is often urgency when hiring for a temporary position as the employers need to fill it quickly. A lot of these jobs will state they want someone who can start immediately. Therefore, there will be no waiting time from finishing your last role to starting your new job.

Gain Experience

Enrich your CV with new skills, knowledge and insight. Go the extra mile and learn about the different systems that the company uses to operate. Learn about the technologies, systems, applications or programmes.

Career Change

If you want to go in a new direction and change your career, then consider a temporary position. Look for temporary positions in an industry that you want to progress into. Maybe you want to experience a shorter commute or test the ability to work from home, a temporary position is perfect for this.

Build Relationships

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Having a temporary role gives you a perfect opportunity to expand and strengthen your network. These contacts could come in handy for your future roles.

Temp to Perm

Try before you buy.

Some businesses use temporary positions to vet potential workers. Therefore, although you may be applying for a temporary position, it could lead to a permanent role. The short-term benefits could lead to long term prospects of a permanent offer. Get your foot in the door to a specific company or industry you are interested in. Prove you are valuable to the business. It also gives you the opportunity to test out whether you fit with the corporate culture or get along with your co-workers.

Employee Rights

Not having the guarantee of a permanent role may seem stressful.  But you are still entitled to benefits that a full-time position offers. You should receive sick pay, holiday allowance, and regular pay. You may not receive the other benefits that a full-time job comes with (e.g. health insurance) but you will never be out of pocket.

Temporary Positions

Why Businesses Offer Temporary Positions

For clients, temporary work is an excellent way to get immediate cover for your business. There are many reasons why this may be, for example:

  • Vacancy Cover – They may be advertising a vacancy or waiting for a new person to start. The job role and duties still need to be covered on a short-term basis.
  • Emergency Replacement – A permanent employee may be away from work due to unexpected sickness, jury service, holiday leave, maternity leave or compassionate leave.
  • Workloads (seasonal) – Due to you unexpected peaks, winning a new contract, or increased workload because of the season, a business will need immediate extra resource.
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