Create a LinkedIn Profile

Create a LinkedIn Profile
Because it's not what you know, it's who you know.

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As a job seeker you should be uploading your CV onto various job boards. Preferably the Best Job Boards. But the world of recruitment is ever-changing. Gone are the days when agencies post an advertisement on a job board and receives a volume of quality responses.

Nowadays, recruiters are constantly on the hunt for suitable candidates. A great place to do this is on LinkedIn.

Create a LinkedIn Profile
Create a LinkedIn Profile

Why Create a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a key site for professional networking. It has grown rapidly and is a great platform for candidates to search for new jobs, connect with potential employers and learn more about companies of interest.

We highly recommend utilising LinkedIn to support the process of securing a new job role. With this social networking site, you can reach out to other professionals and attract employers to you by projecting your personal brand and value.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

To create an account with LinkedIn all you need is a Name, Email and Password. Once registered, on your LinkedIn Profile you can add lots of information about yourself. The main sections you should be focusing your attention on include:


Your connections want to see your face, it is social media after all. The picture should be a good quality, close-up portrait of yourself. The image should show you as a professional, it should also be up-to-date and nothing else should be in shot.


LinkedIn automatically adds your latest job title and company within this part. We recommend changing this to something personal to your skills. For example, my professional job title is ‘Digital Marketing & Database Coordinator’ but my headline is ‘Content Creator | Digital & Social Marketer’ which reflects my interests more. It is in this section where you can add ‘Open to Opportunities’.


In here goes a short introduction about yourself.


You need to include all your professional and educational history. Do not just list companies and job titles. Try to give details of your responsibilities within each role. Unlike a CV, LinkedIn is social meaning personal. You can speak in first person and avoid referring to yourself as ‘Mister’ or ‘Miss’ ‘he’ or ‘she’ etc.


Although my colleagues tell me this is not hugely important, it’s a nice idea to gain some credibility with references.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

It’s not good enough just having a LinkedIn Profile published online. You need to continuously update it with your personal information and check to see if you have any notifications or messages. Check out your LinkedIn SSI score to find out ways to improve your profile.

Build relationships with influential people. Connect to those in your industry which you’d like to learn from.

Groups, Companies & Hashtags
Follow those that are of interest to you.

Career Interests
If you’re looking for a new job role, you need to let recruiters and hiring managers know you are open to opportunities. Ensure this option is on to allow them to easily spot your profile.

Create a LinkedIn Profile
Create a LinkedIn Profile

Create a LinkedIn Profile to Network

Networking is about meeting new people, making connections and developing a reputation. Your network can include everyone from friends, family, colleagues, business connections and social network members. It is there for anyone to develop lasting relationships.

Networking is often forgotten. Most people think there is no point as it doesn’t have many benefits. But networking is easier than you think. You don’t even have to leave your desk to attend a networking event.

How to Network

Starting a conversation and interacting with a stranger can be daunting. Especially if you are intimidated by their success. By continually putting yourself out there and meeting new people you are stepping out of your comfort zone. A simple way to ease into networking is through social networking sites. All you need is to create a LinkedIn profile.

Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, you can then delve into these networking techniques below…


Networking is about sharing information, not about selling. When you network, you build up your contacts. Engage with these professionals to gain insight, exchange information, learn about business techniques, find opportunities and get assistance. With these business connections you ultimately form trust and build referrals. You can also get free advice and guidance from these individuals.


Although networking is not about selling, it does provide a great opportunity to spread the word about your company. At a networking event you are visible and more likely to get noticed. Tell these professionals all about who you are and what you offer. Don’t forget to talk about your USP.


When you network it is a great chance to talk about yourself. Tell people who you are, what you do and what makes you different. Build a rapport with these people. Raise your reputation and stand out as an individual.


Networking offers an opportunity for personal growth. There are several career benefits of networking:

  • Get fresh ideas and new perspectives
  • Bounce ideas off other professionals
  • Gain insights and new knowledge into other businesses
  • Discuss common challenges
  • Build self-confidence
Other Networking Sites

Once you’ve gained some confidence, investigate networking events near you. There are lots of websites that offer suggestions including:

Register your CV and apply for jobs today!