How to Get a Job as a Graduate

How to Get a Job as a Graduate
It's a struggle to find a job after university.

Make Yourself More Employable After You Graduate

With so much competition it is hard to stand out from the crowd. Did you know 1 of 2 young graduates are either unemployed or underemployed? These scary statistics aren’t very encouraging in your post graduate job search. But there are several steps to increase your chances of landing a good graduate job role.

Get a Job as a Graduate

What You Can Do as a Graduate

  • Get in touch with your careers office and schedule a meeting to explore your options.
  • Begin the graduate job search as soon as possible. Resist the temptation to take the summer off from the post grad job search and begin NOW.
  • Go networking. A lot of graduates who find work after leaving university find it through networking. Reach out to your contacts. It’s not about what you know, but who you know.
  • Review your online presence. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, your online identity needs to be presentable. Do not reach out to potential employers until you have completed this step. Make yourself look professional online with tips from Save the Student.
  • Update your CV. Ensure your CV contains the most recent experience and qualifications. Get feedback from career staff or advisors to see if they suggest any other improvements.
  • Upload your CV to job sites. Places like Indeed and Reed are great for looking for jobs. They are also used by employers and recruiters who are searching for candidates.
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile and keep it up-to-date. Add all your current information and remember to upload your CV!
  • Complete online qualifications. By spending time progressing your knowledge further, potential employers will see your willingness to go the extra-mile.

Graduate Employment Options

  • Consider an interim job to get some cash. If you need money, there is always the option to get a part-time role. This allows you to earn money while still having enough time to find a graduate job.
  • Working on a temporary basis could also be helpful if you need the money. Temping could lead to further progression in the workplace. Make a good impression on the staff and work hard and you may find yourself in a more permanent role.
  • Although you may not get paid, work experience or volunteering is very valuable. As well as building experience, it will also build your contacts. Think of it as a test run for your future career. Spend time improving knowledge and employers see your willingness to go the extra-mile.

Applying for Graduate Jobs

It may seem like there is not a lot of graduate jobs available, but you shouldn’t apply to as many as possible. The average person spends 80% of their life at work, so you want to get a job you enjoy doing.

  • Broaden your job search and consider the option of relocating
  • Be open to new opportunities that are not related to your degree
  • Consider a job search in a smaller, start-up company. These companies offer a great environment with invaluable experience. You could also jump to a more senior position much earlier in your career.
Get a Job as a Graduate
Get a Job as a Graduate

Finding Your Graduate Job

Getting a graduate job is not an easy process. Follow these suggestions to improve your chances of landing a graduate job. Don’t get disheartened in your job search. If you have graduated (or are soon to be graduating) and are looking to kick-start your career, look at our current vacancies.

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